Stirling Strings


Payment Policies for the Stirling Strings Studio

Lesson fees are for lessons, accompanists, hall rentals, groups, recitals, concerts, school tours, Christmas Performances. The number of events will vary every month. Some months are far more expensive than others, but the fee is spread out over the year. Make-ups are offered only in the summer. Please respect my small amount of free time and do not ask for them during the school year.

Lesson Fees
90 minute- $350
60 minute- $250
45 minute- $185
30 minute- $125

You have three payment options. All are due before the 7th of the month.

    1. Sept, Jan, May leave four post dated checks for the four month period. I will cash them around the 7th of the month. If a check does not clear, there is a $25 late fee, plus the bank fees ($10 usually).

    2. Auto pay, our bank sends me a check which always arrives on about the same day, before the 7th please. You may have to set the date as the 28th of the month before; some banks are very slow.

    3. You can set up direct deposit from your account to mine, if you desire. I will receive an email letting me know that is has been deposited.Most banks will not do this at this time.

Account Information:
Stirling Strings, Inc
Ask me for the numbers to set up auto pay. - Chase Bank

Mailing Information:
Make to Stirling Strings, 1723 Ensign Bay, Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121


    1. Lessons need to stay on schedule. If you come late, I can not give any commitment to go over for you. I really want to give your child their whole lesson, I love to teach. But it is unfair to me and the students after you to get behind. I really like to overlap lessons, so try to be 5 minutes early

    2. There will be no make up lessons during the nine school months. The many months that have over 3 lessons count as makeup lessons or free lessons for those who never miss. This works to your advantage. When you are sick please do not call someone at the last minute to trade. Also do not come if you are seriously ill. If you know of a conflict ahead please arrange your own trade well ahead of time. You do not need to let me know. During the summer months there will be make-ups for vacations. There will be no refunds when you miss, are sick, or go out of town.

    3. Cell phones-they have become very disruptive at lessons. Many times a mother gets on the phone right when I start instructions about something I expect the mother to follow through with at home. I am surprised that the information is not valuable enough for you to miss the call. Please turn off your phone before you enter the studio. Really be here!!

    4. Group lessons are very, very important. THEY ARE A LESSON. They are a vital part of the Suzuki method. There are very few good excuses for missing group. Do not schedule other activites at that time. Try very hard not to leave early. Book 1-2 students should always have a parent at group lesson. Mothers of book 3-4 children should be there to watch as often as possible, and I recommend that book 5-8 moms watch when they can. Try not to bring siblings, but if you must, keep them quiet and do not let them wander in my home. MY AFTER SCHOOL LESSON SLOTS DO NOT GO TO PEOPLE WHO MISS GROUP! IF YOU MISS RMS TWICE YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE THE GROUP FOR THAT YEAR.

    5. If siblings must be brought to lessons they must stay in the studio and be as quiet as possible. PLEASE DO NOT BRING FOOD FOR THEM. I CAN NOT VACUUM AFTER EVERY LESSON. A sibling that plans to take violin should try to come often.

    6. Listening to the CD is vital to your progress. There is no mother tongue approach without listening. Failure to listen to the CD on a regular basis could result in my asking you to find another teacher. It is very discouraging to me. I can not make up for the learning that you miss when you fail to listen. A student who does not listen tends to go about 4 times slower than one who listens, I’m not exaggerating. If you think lessons are expensive now, think about ho much more they are if you are moving really slow because you do not listen!! An extra CD costs $20, and extra lesson costs $40. Put your music on and iPod and use it a lot.

    7. I expect the students I teach to go to the Intermountain Suzuki String Institute. I work on it all year long and feel that it makes a dramatic impact on a child’s life, in many ways besides the violin. Please plan ahead and save for it and be excited about it. Extenuating circumstances will be considered, but if you are just not interested, please take from another teacher. I work too hard to teach people who feel that way.


      Ramona Stirling